The Body Shop

The Body Shop is famous for their effective body wash and their product is made to be environmental friendly. The goal of this company is to build good relationship with consumers with environmental friendly product that will help consumer’s skin care. The target of this company will be mostly people age between 13 to 50 years old who care about their skin. The Body Shop use verity of promotions such as sending coupons through email and mail to consumers to catch their attention to the company’s product and promotions such as buy one get one free, these are the most common way of company’s advertisement strategy. The budget for advertising is 1701000 dollars a month as I calculated through Google AdWords.

“Instead of deploying huge budgets for dumbed-down TV commercials that purport to speak to the masses and therefore appeal to nobody, we need to think about the information that our niche audiences want to hear.” (Scott, 29)

The Body Shop marketing strategy is similar to the quote above because the company uses advertisement method by sending coupons to consumers instead of making expensive advertising on TV. I think this is more effective to the company because consumers will appreciate receiving coupons to buy useful products in cheaper price rather than watching an ad on TV. The Body Shop will continue with this strategy to maintain relationship with consumers and the image of environmental friendly product.

The ad copy that I wanted to be shown on the Google is

The Body Shop

Environmental Friendly Product

Body wash with amazing scent


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