Intel Google Ad words Campaign




The company that I chose was Intel. Intel is one of the leading manufacturers of semiconducting chips, used in computes and other electronics. So, that being said, Intel is not necessarily looking for people to “learn” their name through google searches. Instead, I think that a more appropriate strategy would be to try to keep Intel in the back of people’s minds by giving them a strategy of maintaining their reputation as the top chip manufacturer in the world.  In order to do that, we need to look at their key words. In the Google AdWords Keyword tool, under the category “computer processors,” Intel comes back with 24,900,000 global monthly searches, 4,090,000 local monthly searches and a relatively low rate of competition.


 The keywords associated with “Intel” are: Intel Processor, I7 Intel, I5, Chip, Intel Cpu, Intel Corporation, Intel Core, Intel Ssd, Intel Pentium, and I3.



The key words I7 and I5 are coming back with vey similar results, which is a little disconcerting (seeing as how the I5 is basically the older model.) New model computers by Sony and the new upper level Pcs by Hewlett Packard are all using the i7 processor.






This brings me to the conclusion that we need to push the searches on the “Intel Core I7.” This should be the foundation for our campaign.


Some ideas for ads, would be showing the Intel i7 logo prominently alongside the Hp or Sony computer, showcasing both products in a joint venture.  


Another would be a simple, Intel only web ad.


Here is a google AdWords screenshot showing a budgeted plan to pay for higher results on google when searching “Intel”