INTEL Digital Marketing Brief

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Target Audience:  

The target audience for the Intel line of processors would essentially be anyone and everyone who is in the market for a new computer. Every major consumer brand of consumer computer manufacturer ships models that include an Intel processor. Of course the processors come in different specifications, low, mainstream and performance grades, but they all have their respected places in the consumer market. To narrow the market for the sake of the assignment, we will look at the target market of young to middle-aged adults (18-40) looking to buy laptops (Including an Intel processor.) The audience selection would also try to bridge the gap between macintosh and windows based computers, seeing as how Apple and the mainstream, windows-running manufacturers, such as Sony and Hewlett-Packard are both shipping models with Intel Core processors.




The key performance indicators would be the sales of computers that include Intel processors. Also, more indicators would be the rise (or fall) of views or hits on intel related websites, such as the macbook page on apple’s website, the Sony Viao page, the HP website etc. People looking at new computers online or promotional material would indicate a rise in interest in the computers associated with Intel, therefore a rise in interest in Intel itself. This product is completely dependant on computer manufacturers themselves, so it is hard to market the chip itself, because you need hardware to use it in every way. The windows 8 tablets even use Intel processors, so rising interest in them is associated with our product.

            The goals of the campaign are to show the consumer computer market that Intel is an integral part in their computer buying decisions. A computer or tablet that carries an Intel chip is the difference between a good and bad experience with their PC. Also, Intel is jointly responsible for all the amazing things that new computers are capable of, such as the new windows 8 operating system, and the retina display on the new Macbook. The computing world is changing around the consumers everyday, making their lives easier and more exciting, and Intel is at the forefront.


The Big Idea:

The big idea for Intel’s digital marketing campaign would be to show just how integral the processor manufacturer’s role is in the ever changing and evolving world of personal computing. And how Intel is directly responsible for the speed and power of computers that are available. (and to piggy back off of the success of Mac and Windows 8 computers using Intel chips.)

            The creative thread of the campaign would be having ads and videos showcasing the strength and essentiality of the Intel chip.


Tools & Tactics:

The tools and tactics for this campaign are ones designed to showcase the user and how versatile yet powerful the Intel line of processors are.

The micro-chip is somewhat obscure, essentially invisible to the consumer. We need to make the chip “visible” by showing what it can do.

The Intel line can be used for virtually anything, work or fun. The campaign would include facebook and twitter pages (possible promotional giveaways) that would intice users to share with the community what they use their (intel) computers for in a creative way. How their computers have made their lives easier. It would be great to see all the wonderful things that people have created with their Intel processors (music, digital art, layouts, photo editing etc.) And they were all given the power and speed to do so by their Intel processor. These social media and online ads/ pages will showcase Intel’s role in furthering technology, but more importantly, put it in perspective with the consumer, all the incredible things that they can do with that technology and how it can change their daily lives, and make them better.


Intel already showing its use for gaming.$Intel



Intel sends around $50,000 a year on advertising a year, and about 36% of that should go to digital. So we should roughly spend $18000 dollars on the digital campaign.  They should take about 30 hrs to plan the whole campaign  ( $7500) and the rest could go into production (design, video, wages, distribution…)



All in all the campaing does not have to be all encompassing, seeing as how a Intel throws a 3 second ad on a lot of computer manufaceturer’s ads already. We just want to let people know that the brand of Intel will be a better choice thatn the competition. And to do that we need to set it apart from them. Showing new and exciting things that the chip can do, powering incredible devices and in turn, making incredible things.