Oakley Digital Media Strategy

Target Audience

The target audience for this Oakley campaign will be adult males 18-24. We will further narrow our target to consumers who are comfortable with being unconventional or adventurous. Consumers in our target feel the need to travel the unbeaten path, and explore the world. They align themselves with other norms in the “action sports” category such as liking to take risks. According to Mintel those who enjoy taking risks are significantly more likely to be male or age 18-24. Those who agree they are adventurous are also most likely to be age 18-24 or male. In addition we will try to appeal to a more affluent consumer base, one that has access to or earns a higher household income level.

To further segment our target we will focus on consumers who are interested in snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as they account for a 50% and growing revenue share of the action sports market.  Also of consumers who say they participate in action sports, snow sports holds the greatest participation rate with greater than a 27% share.

Key performance indicators

The success of the campaign will be measured using Google analytics. We will track the change in the searches for the keyword phrases “Oakley Canopy Goggles” and “Canopy Charity Competition”.

Big Idea

The big idea for this Oakley campaign will be to leverage Oakley’s many sponsored athletes. Sponsorships alone do not necessarily fall under a digital component of a marketing strategy; however Oakley sponsors some of the most influential athletes on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Shaun White currently has over 2.3 million likes on Facebook, Gretchen Bleiler currently has over 21,000, and Danny Kass currently has over 17,000. These as well as other Oakley sponsored athletes, and music artists, (Lil Jon, T-Pain, Mike Posner, and Pitbull) will be challenged to see who can create the biggest buzz, through whatever social media they deem necessary, about Oakley’s new Canopy goggle. The winner of this contest will receive a $50,000 donation to the charity of their choice. This contest will take place over a three month period.

Tools and Tactics

The beauty of the plan is that the sponsored athletes and music artists will do most of the ground work for Oakley. However it will still be necessary to build some excitement around the competition. To do this we will use social media vehicles Twitter and Facebook. The competition which will be called the Canopy Charity Competition will be labeled under the hash tag #ccc. It will be posted on the official Oakley Twitter and Facebook page, as well as those for Rayban, Arnette, Fox, and RSS all of which are brands owned by Oakley. With the diverse reach of the multiple demographics that each of these brands represents there should be an appropriate amount of hype surrounding the competition.


Our budget will be $48,000 a month for three months not including the $50,000 that will be added to the total at the end. Since most of the cost will be free with social media, the majority of the budget will go towards Pay-Per-Click in order to drive immediate, qualified traffic to the Oakley website, and hopefully cause more sales.


We would like to reach the target of males 18-24 who participate in action sports, specifically snow sports, and have access to an above average household income.  Our plan will consist of a digital marketing strategy surrounding a Canopy Charity Completion to build hype for Oakley’s latest goggles the Canopy. The rules for the completion are whichever Oakley sponsored athlete builds the largest buzz around the new goggles will receive a $50,000 donation from Oakley to the charity of their choosing. The effectiveness of this campaign will be measured using Google analytics to determine the increase in searches for the new Canopy goggles. And will consist of a total budget of $194,000 to be spent over three months. Oakley and its other brands will promote the competition on their respective Twitter and Facebook pages, and the majority of the budget will be spent on Pay-Per-Click in order to ultimately drive consumers to Oakley’s site for purchase. This campaign will boost the amount of digital media coverage Oakley receives, the amount of profits Oakley earns, and finally provide Oakley with favorable goodwill when the winner of the contest receives a sizable donation from Oakley to their favorite charity.