Facebook and how it changed the world


When you walk into any lecture hall at Michigan State, or any University around the world for that matter, you are bound to see the classic white on blue look of Facebook. Users around the world in High School, College, or even senior citizens are all avid users of Facebook. It started as an idea by Harvard College Students Mark Zuckerburg and Eduardo Saverin in 2004 as a way to connect with other Harvard Students. 

Every move that Zuckerburg and Saverin made with Facebook had major impacts on its success and the way that people today now spend time on the internet. It started in 2004 when they decided to use the Email lists of Zuckerburg's dorm and the social club the Phoenix. This changed Facebook and it made it more successful than it could have ever been without the members of the Phoenix.  

Facebook has forever changed the way people use the internet and how they display themselves on the internet. Facebook won the social media war and they wrote the success story about viral marketing. In the article "How Facebook Really Won the Social Media War: Viral Marketing Lessons from The Social Network" Dr. Geoffrey Moore goes into his belief that Facebook executed an almost perfect "D-Day Marketing Strategy". Moore's D-Day Marketing Strategy emphasizes that your marketing strategy starts at one single entry point "the beachhead" like in Normandy. Following the single penetration entry point it then fans out like a "bowling alley" and it gains the supporters of a group completely and then using that group to market to the next group to become followers. 

Zuckerburg opens the Nasdaq

Facebook changed the way that companies will viral market forever, they perfected marketing to massive crowds and convincing others to join simply by showing them that their friends or coworkers are joining. As mentioned in the article, what is even more impressive about their marketing strategy is that within one year of the launch of Facebook, they had already surpassed the million-user mark. And it all started with two college students, a computer, and an email.

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Book Source: The New Media Driver's License by Richard T. Cole and Derek Mehraban

Pages 82-83, Facebook Resource 3-1: How Facebook Really Won the Social Media War: Viral Marketing Lessons from "The Social Network".

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