Dell Inspiron Laptop Campaign


To: Dell

Subject: Advertising/Marketing Idea


For a company like Dell advertising and marketing plays a significant role in the success of a business. Although, there are many ways you can advertise Dell and its products the use of Google AdWords is one of the best. With more and more people searching for products and other things online using this will benefit your company. One product people may search for is your Inspiron 17” Laptop. When people search for laptops there should be key words that they use and that is what will be used to help bring your advertising to their attention. For instance, one of your keywords could be laptop. So, everytime individuals have a search with the word laptop your advertisement has a good chance of popping up and getting their attention. The ads can bring the consumer directly to your product and site. It is relitively cheap for businesses to this and if you look at the statistics the advertising on the Google search engine has definitely been proven to work. Here is a good advertising campaign plan for Dells Inspiron 17” laptop using Google AdWords.


Target Consumers: young adult-older individuals who share a interest in computers and laptops

Goals: The goals of using this advertising is to increase product awareness, drive sales, bring more traffic to your site, and increase profit.

Keywords: Laptop, Inspiron, Intel, Core Processing, Computer, fast, Dell, notebook.

Budget: 4,000 dollars a day


Example Ad:

            Headline: Quality Computers

            Features: Inspiron laptop 17” screen

            Benefits: Extremely customizable

            Display URL:

            Destination URL:

What the Ad would generally look like