AdWords campaign for IBM

The idea of this campaign will be to attract new small and medium business to use IBM services. Almost all enterprise businesses will already have a very good infrastructure in place so targeting them would be wasting resources. The target for IBM solutions would be small and medium businesses that are looking to expand or reinforce their current setup.


Two Ads are going to be used initially for testing to see which Ad attracts more attention and generates more click-through. They are as follows:


IBM Solutions
Business solutions to help ease the
worry of managing your business.


IBM Solutions
Let IBM solutions help you so 
you can focus on your business

Both are aimed at businesses whose current systems are not making it easy to manage their business. IBM solutions can help and develop their infrastructure or upgrade their existing to handle their business needs.

The landing page for each Ad goes to the solutions home of the IBM website which is designed to help direct possible customers to the correct page on the website with a few category drop downs.

The following keywords have been selected to help the Ads display on the correct pages for maximum clicks.

·         Consulting services

·         Product life cycle management

·         Business solutions

·         IT services

·         Green energy

·         Industry solutions

·         Finance solutions

·         Small and medium business solutions

·         Technology and consulting

·         Application infrastructure

·         International Business Machines IBM

·         Business planning and alignment

·         Cloud Computing and storage

Initial testing will be done with an Ad budget of $100 a day totaling no more than $3,040 in the month. Once a successful ad has been selected, keywords can be adjusted and ad text can be adjusted if needed. When final ad has been approved, a larger budget will be put into effect.