Procter & Gamble- A diverse array of products

With e-commerce flourishing, companies are using social media at increasing rates.  The publicity does not end there though. Companies now need to find ways to draw users to their specific sites over their competitors. One way companies are starting to do this is through the use of online ad campaigns. One very popular platform that companies and individuals use is Google Adwords. This is the first I have actually heard of this, so I had to do some initial learning. The use of Google Adwords allows companies and individuals to increase website traffic and sales. It can be used a variety of ways to achieve a variety of tools and can have many different success measures.

            I have interned with Procter & Gamble (P&G) for the past two summers and recently accepted a full-time offer with them for after graduation. I have selected them for my company to create a marketing campaign for. P&G is the largest consumers goods company and sells a variety of different products. Products they sell include Tide, Gillette, Covergirl, Duracell, Bounty, Charmin, and the list goes on. When selling to a target market, P&G refers to their customer as a woman. The customer is preferably a woman between in the age of 30-50 and typically have children. Although this is still the typical customer, this is starting to evolve as family dynamics are beginning to change. This is why P&G launched their "Thank you Mom" campaign, as it focused on their target market. 

The ad campaign I would create would be focused on increasing brand recognition and selling more P&G product, which would be measured by an increase in sales, page views, and samples. I would recommend that P&G focus their ad campaign through the different business segments. Since P&G does cover a wide range of products, it would be most cost effective to focus keywords on specific segments.  They segment into two areas, Beauty & Grooming and Household Care. Below are some keywords I would use for each segments as well as example ad copies.


Beauty & Grooming

Keywords: personal hygiene, beauty products, personal grooming, brand name cosmetics, clean shave, shampoo and conditioner

 Ad Example:

Brand Name Cosmetics

Lash Blast will exemplify your beauty

Volume lasts up to 24 hours


Household Care

Keywords: household product, cleaning products, stain remover, laundry detergent

 Ad Example:

#1 Stain Remover

Tide Pods leave a brilliant clean every time

Concentrated formula to lift stains

 The use of keywords and ad campaigns will allow P&G to gain more market share and educate users about their innovative products. With the world becoming more and more compeitive, it is important for companies to advertise effectively.