Adwords For Anthropologie


   The brand I have chosen for my final project is Anthropoligie. I think this store offer fantastic products in Women's Clothing, Accessories, and Home Decor, and I would like to help expand their outreach with a Google Adwords campaign.

   After doing some keyword research, I have found that there are certain words that will drive people to click on the links.  I related this back to something I read this week in The New Rules of Marketing and PR.  If you have great content or a great product, let "the content drive the action" (p. 33). By this Scott means to say that if the content is of value to the consumer, then by labeling it correctly, you will get traffic to your site.  Keep this in mind, I have created the following breif:

Client: Anthropologie

Background: Anthropologie is a upscale chain store that carries Women's Clothing, Accesories, and Home Decor, and Gifts.  They are currently owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc., which also owns Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Terrain. Anthropologie operates from 147 retail stores in the United States.

Purpose: Increase traffic to website by 10% over the next year, and increase sales by 3% over the next year.

Target: The target audience we are trying to reach is women ages 18-55.

Media: Google Adwords (delivered via google platform in ad form).

Approach: Build awareness of the brand and the website by increasing traffic to the site with keyword ads.


Upon doing the google adwords keyword search and setup, this is the list I came up with:

Using these Google Adword keywords, I will drive traffic to the site.




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