Win a Trip to LEGOLAND: How Pinterest Can Make My Dreams Come True, and Get Some Inexpensive, Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The contest I chose to enter on Pinterest for this week's assignment was the "Build It to Win It Dream Adventure Contest".  which is a contest being held by LEGOLAND, Florida, and offers a grand prize package, and two first prize winners, all of which would include tickets and passes of some sort to the theme/water park.  I found out about this contest by doing a search on Google, and employing some of the techniques that were outlined in chapter seven of the Cole/Mehraban Resource Guide, most of which were new to me (such as using quotation marks for results containing exact phrases, or using an asterisk as a wild card word, among others).  To compete for a prize, the contest entrant need only follow four simple steps.

Cool Lego Guy

After this excercise, I can understand just how brilliant using Pinterest for business is.  Not only is it extremely cost effective (all a company need do is offer one of what they produce at cost as a sort of like a free sample, although it is only neccessary to offer a small amount of these samples and still create a big buzz), but a company can also have creative, attractive, user-created/collected, content- virtually fresh advertising that is relevant and valid.  For this particular contest, I had to label my board accordingly, and pin the image above.  Then I added more pins to the board featuring my favorite images of Legoland.  Then I had to post a comment with a link to my board on their contest announcement board.  Now, when everyone else does the same, they'll probably check out the other pinboards, and discover more things they like, or would want to see, at LEGOLAND.  Their interest has increased, and they've likely created at least a slight bond with the brand.


Source:  Cole/Mehraban.  The New Media Driver's License Resource Guide.  Resources 7-5, 7-6.

                                      LEGOLAND, Florida website and contest details

                                      My Contest Pinboard