Starting a Social Media Campaign

Social Media Jumpstart

Sam Howat’s blog post, How to Start a Social Media Campaign, which can be found on page nine of The New Driver's License Resource Guide, offers great insight on various ways a business can go about starting their own social media campaign. From simply creating a Facebook page to starting an active blog, Howat stresses that creating a social media campaign is more that activating an account or posting on a blog site from time to time. Creating a social media campaign requires an individual or business to plan, be consistent, and to constantly analyze its audience’s feedback and interaction.

When relaying your message to various social media sites, you must consider the connection between all of your outlets. Social media marketing more than just creating the campaigns. Read this blogpost to find out how you start your own successful campaign.

Social Media Marketing - Infographic

Social Media isn't Bulletproof

Some of the most significant content that I felt was discussed in Howat’s blog post was the section titled, Social Media isn’t Bulletproof. Throughout this part of the blog, readers learn the importance of responding to feedback given by target audiences. It is vital that during the process of any social media campaign, the content contributor for a businesses’ social media outlet take any consideration for criticism, advice or comments made. Aside from direct feedback via Twitter, Facebook and blog post comments, a strong social media campaign should also include site tracking and analytics. Through following what an audience is paying attention to on a social media site, the given business can respond to negative feedback or continue with the positives. As you can see, Howat has given multiple examples of ways to successfully initiate a new social media campaign. And even for those who have social media marketing campaigns already, he has also given insight on ways to continue growth, professionalism and success within any social outlet.

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