eBay Halloween Pinterest Contest

Being new a Pinterest member, I didn’t know what to expect when entering this new social media platform. And to come in entering a contest, how was I going to do that? Immediately upon creating an account, which I was about to connect to my Facebook page, I realized tht Pinterest was a very inviting site. Guiding me along the way, Pinterest provided easy interaction, pleasing visuals and a very user-friendly interface.  Although I have not had much time to explore Pinterest for personal use, I immediately scanned the site, looking for contests to join and participate in. On my first try, I entered in the key search words: “Pinterest Contests” and many results showed up. I was able to scan through the results and find a contest that was sponsored by eBay. This contest was titled: “eBay Halloween Sweepstakes

The rules were simple! First I needed to create a unique pin board titled, Halloween. Next I needed to follow eBay on Pinterest and enter their contest using my Pintersest account name. Finally I needed to pin to my Halloween pin board, 10 Halloween related items via the eBay website. I was intrigued to find the ease of being able to pin an item directly from the eBay website, right to my Pinterest and my exact pin board of choice. The Pinterest share icon on the eBay website was something that I had never noticed before, but now that I have learned that I can pin items directly from eBay’s site, I am sure that I will use this feature in the future. Entering the contest was a very easy and pleasing experience. I love how almost every social media platform is connected, with eBay using Pinterest icons as an example of how I can connect what I purchase to my own social media site. 

Another very interesting take-away from this assignment was learning more about how a business can use a social media, like Pinterest, to create audience and follower engagement. Something as simple as a Pinterest contest, like the one I just entered, allowed me to connect my personal interstes to eBay’s website and eBay’s Pinterest and other social media sites. The contest drove me straight to eBay’s website, showing me how easy it is to share something I like on their site, for all others to see. It even allowed me to explore their site and potentially want to buy the products that I was pinning to my own Pinterest. Businesses who do not utilize the simple task of creating various social media platforms and holding contests for their followers are truly missing out on key audience engagement and interaction. I am looking forward to entering more contests like the eBay Halloween Sweepstakes contest in the future.