Google AdWords SUBWAY Campaign

The company/brand that I chose for my final project is SUBWAY. I decided for this week's blog post to focus on using Google AdWords to build a campaign with this well recognized brand. Being a new user for Google AdWords, I had to do some digging to find out what this program was all about. With my luck Learn with Google, displays videos to teach new users all about the Google interface and the tools that it offers. Now with having my focus brand, SUBWAY,  I am starting to learn how I can use tools such as Google Adwords to figure out who companies and business can implement a more targeted campaign to grab their audiences' attention. On the Learn with Google site, one video resource, Five Pillars of AdWords Success, stuck out to me as being very helpful. I decided to follow what the video's five pillars to implement a social media campaign for SUBWAYS November - Footlong of the Month.


Spicy Italian Featured Footlong Sub (MORE DIRECT INFORMATION)

Get your $5 Footlong today - November only! (CALL TO ACTION) (DIRECT LANDING-PAGE)


1. Structure your AdWords account

I learned that it is a good idea to use keywords that are tied to themes of your company and product. This is a great way to make sure ads speak well to potential customers. As SUBWAY focuses on many different types of subs, sandwhiches and side items, it may be hard to narrow down what keywords to structure your AdWords account to. Seperating words into categories and themes will help you direct your audiences attention to a more focused product within your company.

2. Choose the right keywords

I chose to focus on the keywords Footlong, November and Subway for the Google AdWords. Since these are the words that I think SUBWAY's audience with search for in order to find the company and brand. Based on what SUBWAY's audience searches for, the keywords picked will narrow down the options for search results. Since the campaign that I am focusing on for this month is the November Footlong of the Month, these three keywords listed above are the words that will most directly engage and attract our audience. It is also important to remember that the Keyword and header of our Google AdWord campaign should only be 2-3 words long.

3. Write attention-grabbing ads

Now that we have the keywords that we are going to use in our Google AdWords campaign, it is important to figure out the remaining content of our ad copy. Speaking to what customers will attract them to our website and direct them were to go next. The ad copy will include text that explains the header in futhur detail as well as include a call to action. 

4. Select the right landing pages

It is also important to ask - where do you want your potential customers to go to? A good landpage answers the questions of what your audiences are looking for, based on what was highlighted in your Google AdWords campaign ad. For this campaign SUBWAY would want the landing page to go to a more direct description of the footlong sub for that month, the SUBWAY November Footlong. For this SUBWAY campaign, we would have the landing page be the SUBWAY Spicy Italian feature page, which is direct and attention grabbing to the exact needs of our audience.

5. Track who became your customers

Logging in to Google AdWords and using the tracking tools and Google Analytics, you can see how much your audience has payed attention, clicked and interacted with your campaign ad. Seeing where your campaign thrived and struggled is going to help with further marketing and using the campaign to attract audiences for the future. Google makes it easy to apply these tracking tools to any campaign and for a campaign such as the SUBWAY November Footlong of the Month, seeing if people are interested and engaged with this featured sandwhich will help the brand continue to please and recognize what their audience needs and wants in the future.