Election Day Twitter Coverage: Okay, I am Hooked!

Tuesday, November 7th will go down in my book as one of the most electrifying nights to watch Election Day coverage and comparing activity on social and traditional media.  I don’t consider myself a super engaged political activist.  I have my opinions and usually keep them more private, but I absolutely loved the raw, less censored sentiment of the tweets posted during the night. 

My election day media “buffet” included switching between NBC World News, ABC World News, Fox News and CNN News for traditional media, then for Twitter, I was following a diverse group on which included BBC News US, BBC News (World), NBC Nightly News, ABC News, New York Times, CNN Breaking News MSNBC.com Breaking, TODAY and last but not least Big Bird whose snarky comments kept me in stiches all night long.Big Bird




Head of the PackTwitter by far lead the pack in terms of sheer volume of activity from what I compared on Facebook, which had more philosophical personal sentiment, and were about 10 minutes ahead of the national newscasts in posting state projections.    I attribute that to the to the more structured,  edited approach national news mediums need adhere to in order to be as accurate as possible when reporting the news, whereas Twitter has a less censored approach to sharing news and information. 


Couple of other observations:

  • NBC News and ABC News seem to mimic their timing of calling the states.  In flipping between the news on the TV I found that NBC had its same staff tweeting live comments as well which for me personalized their engagement in the excitement and process, which made them less ‘cardboard’ and more real as individuals reporting the news. 
  • I deliberately choose a foreign news service for outside perspective and BBC News US and BBC World did not disappoint.  BBC News US was actively covering color commentary at the poll locations across the US which offered a completely fresh perspective from what most news organizations were covering.  For example, something I’ve yet to come across anywhere else, one tweet reported sentiment of “a vote for or against Obama is not an objection to the Health Care reform.  Unofficial poll indicated only 25% object to it."   They did a good job and they will remain an account I will follow. 

Amazingly, the assignment convinced my conservative leaning husband to open a Twitter Account to join in the mix and I find myself checking my IPhone Twitter application a couple of times a day.  Okay, I am hooked!