This week I started optimizing my blog for SEO. I first implemented Google Analytics so that I could get a clearer vision how what kind of traffic I was getting to my site and where it was coming from. I then choose a mix of roughly five keywords and phrases that I want my blog to be associated with. These keywords all related to starting, maintaining and growing a small business. The five keywords I choose already had great content built around them but I edited my older posts and created a new post with content geared directly towards my keywords, including an optomized post title. I also changed the name of my blog topic instead of just my name. From there I optimized my title tag to include my most relevant keyword phrase.Blog Optimization

After editing some posts and creating a new one that is optimized for my keywords, I went back and changed the title tags on the posts so that they are also optimized for my keywords. I checked the the alternate text, image title and file names of my pictures to make sure they included my keywords, are closely worded if not exactly matched, and are related to my blog and my post. The last step in optimizing my social media presence was starting a Squidoo page and writing posts for the topic I want to be found for, which is small business development (Mehraban 2223).  I used my Squidoo page to make posts about my topic, tag my page with my relevant keywords, and to link back to my blog.

My goal is that, in addition to posting my links in my blog comments on other blogs and writing good anchor text, posting my link in the Squidoo page and posts will increase my search engine traffic and relevance (Mehraban 219). I have already met new people on Squidoo and commented on their lenses that are relevant to mine. In exchange I hope I can get more people to visit my page and eventually my blog.


My Squidoo: 

Be Your Own Boss Squidoo