Online Profiles Lead to Enhanced Brand Equity

Building online profiles is a key component to today’s digital marketing and branding. Whether you are branding an actual product, a service or yourself, today’s marketing landscape requires a significant online presence. Internet marketing is the new version of the old Consumer Reports. When a purchaser is determining whether to buy one product over another, engage the right service provider or hire the best candidate for a job, the internet is best resource for the buyer to seek additional information. It is essentially word-of-mouth advertising conducted through a few clicks of a mouse. It is important to understand your unique audience and then create a customized message that not only answers the questions of the buyer, but also converts the buyer through the final phase of the purchasing funnel. More importantly, online marketing eliminates the one-way communication of traditional marketing. Instead of “talking at” consumers, we are now engaging them in a two-way conversation. However, to be taken seriously, brands must exhibit authenticity online. This can be achieved by determining what a brand stands for and centering the conversation on these key values and benefits. It is important to keep the conversation relevant and focus on today’s trends and future consumer needs. Recycling old content and reporting yesterday’s will not gain a loyal following. Creating strong online profiles is the first step to building a strong brand. By providing additional digital touch points that convey interesting information and deliver on consumer needs, brands will further differentiate themselves from the competition.

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