Final Presentation

Slide 2: Big Idea

The big idea of my campaign is that women drink Gatorade too! Within the campaign, my main promotions are using our Gatorade products toward female athletics, healthy work-outs and staying fit. We also want consumers to believe Gatorade has a great effect with the price you are paying for Gatorade. 

Slide 3: Goals

  • Convince younger female athletes to continue to play sports
  • Promote staying fit and working out
  • Linking beauty with athletics
  • Emphasize the great effect Gatorade has for the price you are paying.

Slide 4: Target Audience

My main targets are ages 8 and up, high school and jr high female athletes. According to Gatorade and the Women's Sports Foundation, girls by age 14 drop out of athletics at twice the rate of boys. We want to encourage younger female athletes to convince them to continue to play sports as they get older. We also want to target parents of these athletes because after all, in most families, the parents are the ones who control what their kids drink. 

Slide 5: Key Performance Indicators

Since we are targeting a younger generation, our key performance indicators are measuring the success of our social media tools. Some examples are, how many likes a status, photo or video receives, how many followers we have on Twitter and Instagram, how many views our videos receive, customer reviews on the product, and the number of contest participants we receive.

Slide 6-7: Tools & Tactics

Younger female athletes tend to have problems with body image and style as they grow up. Many younger athletes sometimes associate the idea of muscle and bulky with sports and also tend to feel a lack of "girliness" when participating in sports. We've chosen to have the hottest female pro athletes to represent this campaign. By presenting young and fit female athletes dressed in girly attire and still looking very beautiful, these tactics can convince younger female athletes that you can still be girly and look good while playing sports and drinking gatorade. We'll also focus on getting involved with high school state champions teams who have a great impact on different communities. We'll include stories/photo shoots of beautiful female athletes all around the world in print and Twitter feeds to help spread the campaign. We also recommend to have commercial advertisements presented at college sporting events using the jumbo-trons and commercials to market that Gatorade is the choice of drink of college athletes.

Twitter and Instagram will be a major tool throughout this campaign. We'll have college athletes tweeting about how different ways people can get involved with our campaign. We want to know who is drinking our product, so we would get our consumers to interact with us via twitter/instagram. Our plan is to have young female athletic teams can send us pictures of an individual representative or their team with any of our gatorade products and hashtagging, #FitFemale, with a caption that describes how Gatorade helps their team. Throughout the campaign, we will share pictures of teams on our website and social media tools. Every week, we will pick one team to be honored on our pages with a story covering how Gatorade helps their teams and supply them with Gatorade products throughout their season. 

Slide 8-9: Budget

Duration of campaign: 8 months

Total estimated budget - $15 million 

  • TV - 10 million - getting people curious about the campaign.
  • Print - 2.5 million - explaining what campaign is about.
  • Twitter - 2 million - tool to control campaign.
  • Contest materials - .5 million - reward for campaign.

Slide 10: Recommendations

  • Target well-known high school athletes and teams and send them invitations to participate in contests.
  • Actively include females in pictures on Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Incorporate beatufiul female athletes with the campaign.