Holday Inn Bahamas Campaign

  Digital Campaign Keywords Holiday Inn Express
The Holiday Inn Express—Bahamas landing page, Facebook page, blog, and Twitter account will use main keywords in relation to the campaign, beginning three months prior to the launch of the Bahamas resort. SEO is an effective way to reach customers by ensuring that the keywords associated with the Holiday Inn Express show up often when potential customers are searching for hotel resorts in the Bahamas.

Contextual Targeting: “Holiday Inn Express Bahamas Resort” <-- Google AdGroup name

Traffic Estimator for keywords:
Holiday Inn Bahamas
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Example of an Ad using Google AdWords

Example of an Ad using Google AdWords:

The following are traffic estimator approximations for the keywords above. 

  • Average of 471 - 575 clicks/day
  • ~25,714 daily impressions
  • Max CPC = $10/day
  • Average CPC = $2.39
  • Daily budget = ~$2,000
  • Daily cost= ~$1,262.56
  • CTR = 1.6%

Landing Page Information
A count down beginning three months prior to the new Holiday Inn Express—Bahamas launch will be featured on the main Holiday Inn Express landing page. Also, create a new easy-to-use Holiday Inn Express—Bahamas landing page (Scott, 33). 

The landing page will consist of:Landing Page Information

Driving Action
Guests who visit the Holiday Inn Express—Bahamas landing page will see a message on the main page (above the social media links) that states: Please visit our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Blog for possible discounts and special offers. The Facebook, Pinterest, and Blog will feature the contest (explained below) and Twitter will have discount and special offer promo codes.

This will motivate potential customers to visit social media sites, giving them more positive information about the resort hotel and also by creating a positive association through occasional discounts and special offers. The digital media presence will build a clear image in the mind of consumers of the Holiday Inn Express brand (Scott, 223).


Facebook Friendliness
The Holiday Inn Express Facebook page will consist of biweekly updates about the resort hotel and events/activities in the area.

  • The Wall:
    • Open for public questions about the resort and monitored for appropriateness
    • Will allow guests and staff to interact on a regular basis, building a relationship with the target before they visit the resort (Facebook Resource 3-25).     

--> This will also make guests more comfortable with the resort staff, and therefore more inclined to visit.

  • People who have “Liked” the Facebook page will have access to special offers and discount promo codes that are occasionally posted. 
    --> This will drive people to actively “Like” Facebook and check back on the updates often (Facebook Resource 3-15).
  • Numerous Professional and Guest Photos
    • Guests will be allowed guests to upload their own photos and will be monitored for appropriateness
    • Professional pictures will highlight amenities offered in addition to pictures of guests enjoying the resort (with their permission) as guests begin to stay there 

--> Pictures activate an emotional part of the brain that triggers long-term memory. This is especially important for distinguishing the brand in the mind of customers who often compare hotels in an area before picking one to book.

Twitter Tweets
The Holiday Inn Express Twitter account will:

  • Periodically post promo codes and discount specials for their followers to see. During the three-month period, Holiday Inn Express followers will be given the opportunity to use promo codes that are related to future reservations of the Bahamas resort.
  • Post interesting facts (some not necessarily related to the Holiday Inn Express) about traveling and vacationing on a biweekly basis or more but no more than twice a day (Twitter Resource 5-29).

This will add value to following in Holiday Inn Express, in addition to ”retweeting” and “favoriting” followers’ tweets (Twitter Resource 5-24). Additionally, this will help potential customers stay up-to-date and in touch with Holiday Inn Express without requiring extra action on their part, since Tweets automatically appear on the feeds of each follower, which keeps Holiday Inn Express in the forefront of potential customer minds when they decide to plan a trip.

Blog Honesty
The blog will be updated biweekly as well, with some of the same content as the Facebook page and also with random interesting posts related to travel and vacation, not necessarily related to the Holiday Inn Express (Scott, 240-241).

The blog will mainly consist of an area where users can interact with each other and with the Holiday Inn Express—Bahamas staff. An area of the blog will be open to the public for guest reviews about the resort. This area will be monitored for appropriateness, and it will be known that the comments are uncensored reviews about the resort (as in, the Holiday Inn Express staff will not delete negative feedback).

This shows customers that Holiday Inn Express is honest and open with their guests, which is important to gain customer trust and loyalty.

Pin to Win
Holiday Inn Express Pin to Win contest on Pinterest will run for three months prior to the launch of the Bahamas resort. Winners will be picked every other week. The prize is a 3-night stay for 2 at the new, all-inclusive Holiday Inn Express resort in the Bahamas. This prize is valued at $5,000.

The contest requires participants to:

Pinterest Contest

Why will it work? The collection of boards will give Holiday Inn Express insight into what the target audience values in vacations. The contest also will drive consumers to take action and be involved in Holiday Inn Express online. By posting the boards on Facebook, consumers will be advertising Holiday Inn Express to their Facebook friends, in addition to their Pinterest followers.



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