Optimizing Keyword Links

Good article to keep improve on the optimization of your links in blog posts

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Avoiding "Google Jail"

Recently, JCPenny was caught paying for links on unrelated sites. This article gives a couple tips for avoiding bad SEO.

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Increase Popularity on YouTube

Tips of how to increase the hits you get on your YouTube video.

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Importance of SEO

The importance of Social Influence on overall SEO, and Google's approach.

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Big Brands and Bad Linking

One of the biggest events in a long time for the search marketing world began last week with the New York Times article on bad linking practices undertaken by JCPenney's search engine optimization (SEO) firm, SearchDex. 

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Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

How to get great SEO for your WordPress blog or site, directed at the rest of the world that isn't so programming savvy.

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