The Dirty Little Secrets of Search

Article on how JCPenney used too many links to appear higher in Google's natural search results. This is considered "illegal activity" in Google's eyes. The article explains what they did and what the consequences will be.

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Submitted by: Elizabeth McKeen

JC Penney's SEO Fraud

This is an interesting article/case study relating to SEO. It is suspected that JC Penney paid someone to post hundreds of thousands of links on the web referring back to JC Penney's website, which shot them to the top of Google's organic search for a variety of terms.

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Submitted by: Julia Wendzinski

Linking Sites for SEO

This is a SEO company's site that has useful information on using links between pages to optimize your own site. This link also has the white paper for the company's business to business strategy along with Google AdWords links. It helps put SEO into the most basic language for even the least tech savvy person.

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Submitted by: Katie Carr

Updating Your SEO Strategy

This is an article with different ways in which you can get rid of your "Virtual Mullet", aka updating your internet marketing strategy, with a few simple steps.

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Submitted by: Student

Keyphrase Optimization Writing

A short blurb on how to effectively optimize a keyphrase for SEO

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Submitted by: Student

Wordpress SEO Guide

A good article about SEO & how to pertain it to your blog

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Submitted by: Student

14 Strategies to Grow Your Blog's Audience

This is a good resource for last week's topic on blogging. It's a nice bow-wrapped summary of what to do for your blog to get noticed.

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Submitted by: Garrett J. McGuire

SEO Secrets

This New York Times article discusses the secrets behind search engine optimization.

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Submitted by: Student

SEO for news releases

How to better optimize your news releases to show up in search engines.

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Submitted by: Julie Robson

Determine Buyers Personas

How to determine the personas of your buyers.  

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Submitted by: Student
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