10 Twitter Tools to Organize Your Tweeps

Some of us are starting to deal with what we recently dubbed “followholism.” You’ve followed so many people, it’s hard to keep up, and it’s probably time to do a little housekeeping. This article assembled a toolkit of 10 services that can help PR practitioners take control of Twitter and organize their followers.

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Social Media Changing Lives

Student journalist goes into deal on how social media is reshaping social lives -- how it changes how you meet and interact with people nowadays. 

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100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events

Here are 100 social media and technology events that will unviel the future of new media.

Seems like these things happen everyday.

Can you say 'value loss' ?!

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Motorola Mobility Wants Your Attention

Motorola is fighting for your attention in the technology world. What do you think about all these new technologie? Is one any better than the other or is it all preference?

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How Twitter Could Unleash World Peace

Researchers from Britain, Korea, and Germany have determined that the amount of fresh information you get on Twitter is less a matter of what you follow than whom—and who follows you

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How to get more Twitter followers!

Here some points on how to get more Twitter followers today!

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Submitted by: Kelsey Colt

Powerpoint Widgets

Fun and interesting widgets waiting to be placed on your site, blog, social network, and more.

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Submitted by: Kirsten Trelenberg

Announcing the "Validation Era"

Social media just keeps getting more and more intimate

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Social Media Pages Increasing Trust

Having a social media page for yoour company increases trust amongst consumers

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Outsourcing Social Media

Why marketers do or don't outsource social media.

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Submitted by: Katie Heck
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