The issue of security in new technologies

This article outlines how security is a huge issue because medical researchers have identified ways in which even pacemakers can be hacked. Its good to be aware.

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Gesture Recognition

As technology progresses so will media, adverting, messages, and everything in between just as we've seen it already. Think about how you can change the advertising world around you with new technology that will be introduced in a matter of years. (How many years? Who knows?! But it's coming!)

Gesture Recognition technology will change the way we look at everything technologically. 

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Download Free Website Templates

This site allows you to download some new templates that you may not have in Dreamweaver already. Anyone like web design?

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Submitted by: Student Launches Logo Design Website has just introduced it's new website that allows businesses to design logos, print designs, and website designs with little help from designers.

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Top Web Design News

This site offers an incredible library of current and modern articles about web design from dozens of different resources

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Web page optimization

Use this site to learn how to optimize your sites performance

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Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 9

The beta for IE9 has already been downloaded 40 million times. Microsoft launched the product this week at SXSW.

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26 Ways to Update Twitter

Want to do something different to your twitter? Check out this link.

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W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

This website could help you make your blog pretty sweet. Everything you need to know about HTML in one place.

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Pay to Play

Describes the pay to read concept associated with newspapers evolving in the online market. Will it work? Should it be done?

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