Next New Youtube

An interesting look at how youtube could really stay at the forefront when it comes to the music business.

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Submitted by: Rebecca Crisan

YouTube Gets Into the Live Streaming Game

YouTube begins to test the live-streaming waters to even up with platforms such as Ustream and Livestream.

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Submitted by: Julia Wendzinski

Coming At You: Live Video on YouTube

Google Inc.’s video arm is rolling out a special platform for live streaming shows. YouTube Live is a site that lets viewers browse through live shows, as well as videos coming up, or ones that already have been recorded.

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Submitted by: Kelsey Cocke

YouTube Launches Live Streaming

Currently only open to approved members but the possibilities are endless

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Submitted by: Lauren Doherty

YouTube Adds Live Streaming

This article talks about how partners of youTube can now stream video 24/7.

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Submitted by: Kelsey Gonzales

Never Say No to Panda

The linked video clip is one of my favorite foreign commercials.

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Submitted by: Sanghoon Lee

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott explains why he uses his middle name in business, the importance of branding.

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Submitted by: Student

YouTube Marketing Tips

For my final project, I thought YouTube would be a great way to engage my target market. This article identifies the ways that we (marketers) can really get people engaged in our brand.

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Submitted by: Garrett J. McGuire

Creating an Online Video Strategy


Starting with a 3 step process to help you get started with creating a video strategy for your website

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Submitted by: Jun Kim

YouTube MP3!

A new way to download music instead of risking getting viruses with sites such as Frostwire! YouTube MP3 converts your favorite YouTube music videos so that they can be downloaded directly to your iTunes. While some copy write laws protect some videos, almost all music can be found and downloaded.

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Submitted by: Kelsey Adams
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