How to Find a new job Using LinkedIN

Need a job after graduation? Start with searching on LinkedIN, here's how

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Did You Know 3.0

The past history of media and the web compared to today and what maybe expected in the future.

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Submitted by: Student

Interesting Facts About Youtube

A few short facts about youtube.

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Social Media in Plain English

Learn social media through ice cream factory!

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Submitted by: Lu Han

The Game Changer: YouTube

How YouTube changed the process of how new celebrities found their fame!

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Submitted by: Michelle Budaj

The Next 5 Years in Social Media

Social Media can be hard to keep up with but this article takes a quick look back at how YouTube has been an integral part in the SM craze and what's going to happen in the next 5 years.

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Submitted by: Tayler Carpenter

Create Online Visibility with Video

A short blog post with tips on how to boost your online visibility. Check out the links in the post too!

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Social Media Revolution

This is a great video about social media I saw on a Study Abroad program last summer. It turns out, the researcher who wrote the book to create the stats for this video did his undergrad work at MSU. Pretty cool.

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Tracking YouTube Videos in Google Analytics

How to guide on tracking YouTube views through the use of Google Analytics.

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