Growing a Blog Community

Here is a video from an expert blogger on how to grow your community.

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Tips on Being a Great Blogger

Here are some tips on being a great blogger, even if you aren't a great writer.

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Templates for Blogger

This site has a library of templates to spice up your Blogger page.

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There's an app for that

Blog reviewing different social networking sites. Perfect for this weeks theme

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10 Benefits of Hosting Your Own Blog

Still struggling on being consistent with your blog? 10 Reasons why you should stick with it!

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W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

This website could help you make your blog pretty sweet. Everything you need to know about HTML in one place.

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Will Going Digital Kill Advertising?

This is a blog post about how websites such as Groupon is imitating companies like Zappo's. Is not allowing for enough of a defined line between all of these different companies?

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49 Google Adwords Tips

Read what this blogger thinks are the 49 greatest tips to help you out with Google Adwords.

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Dr4Ward is a great example of branding and an expert on social media. I encourage everyone to check out his website and follow him on Twitter. Also read the blogs he writes and comments on. He is always up to date with the latest happenings in advertising and social media.

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Dangers of Blogging

This article tells us about the dangers of blogging. And tips to protect yourself and what not to do. 

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