Using Facebook for business

Article shows great ways to make the most out of your facebook for business.

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Tips for Better Bloggers

Now that we all created blogs, here are some tips on making our blogs the best they can be.

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Blogging for PR

The effects of blogging for your PR company. 

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New Wordpress Themes

40+ Portfolio Wordpress Themes that will fit your needs.

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Top 10 Reasons to Start a Blog

This article provides 10 simple, clear and persuasive reasons for blog novices to start their own blogs. For example, building a blog does not only express your thoughts or market something, but it also can establish yourself as an expert or even to help people.

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The Very Basics of Blogger Outreach

A guideline of 7 points to help you reach out to bloggers.  Highlights include building relationships, niche audiences, and how to keep it short.

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Why Blog?

Seth Godin and Tom Peters on blogging.

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Digital Writing Inspiration

Believe me it is beginning to get hard thinking of things to write about for this class. I need inspiration, and this website gives some great tips on where to find it. My personal favorite = turn off distractions. It works! 

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Blogger - Google Privacy Tips

In this video it will give you some tips on how to limit who can see your blog.

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