HOW TO: Build A Beautiful Blog

Another how to from Mashable about making your blog look the best it can.

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Blogging Tips

These tips will help blogging beginners learn the importance of content, visitors, and gaining traffic.

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HOW TO: Create A Successful Company Blog

A good how to about what to do to make your company's blog benefitial

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Smart Businesses Use Blog Marketing

This article talks about bloging being an easy way to communicate with coustmers.

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Blogs To Riches

Read about how one of my favorite bloggers went from having nothing, to everything from celebrity best friends, and a blog read everywhere.

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Blogs for the Young Professional

This website is a great resource in that it offers a ton of information from a number of different blogs that provide information for young people who are just getting their feet wet in the corporate world. There are many topics discussed and a lot of them can be helpful in your future career.

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Music Blogs

A list of some of the top music blogs today. This offers an easy way to keep up on the latest music of all different genres.


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Six Simple Blogging Tips

Six simple tips when creating a blog for the first time!

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