13 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

How to use certain strategies to give your blog post the most exposure.

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Brand Camp...branding your blog

This blog is an illustrated look at the trials and tribulations of branding. Tom Fishburn: "Marketoonist" uses cartoons, humor and writing to explain the ups and downs of marketing communications and branding.

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Top Ten Google Android Blogs

This website has the top ten Google Android Blogs out there. You can also find anything about most of the blogs out there.

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Successful Marketing Blog

This video explains the importance to internet blogging. It gives several “tips” for how to market successfully using a blog. It really stresses the importance of keeping a blog consistent and up-to-date.

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The offical "Long Tail" website

This is the offical "Long Tail" website from the author Chris Anderson.

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How to Write Great Blog Content

Learn how to write a great blog, where to start and learn great techniques for blogging

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Scott Monty's Personal Blog

Scott Monty is the head of social media for Ford Motor Company. This is his personal blog, where he shares his perspectives on social media.

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How to Create a Blog

Gives instructions on how to set up a blog. Identifies how content should be organized so that people who view your blog, get the most out of it.

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Is PR dead?

This is an article discussing the uses of PR in social media.

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Official Google Blog: Follow Your Favorite Blogs

Google makes it easy to follow your favorite blogs, keep track of them, and see which blogs your friends are following.

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