Facebook's getting pricey

Facebook just passed google as the most visited website.

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Facebook Gains Access to China

China might finally have a taste of what Facebook's like!  Hopefully it won't be banned shortly after.

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Twitter vs. Facebook

This article discusses the debate about which is better: Facebook or Twitter? The article breaks down how many users each has, how many people updated daily, and the demographics of the users

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Facebook for Journalists

More Work Than Twitter, but With a Bigger Payout

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How Facebook Advertising is Like TV

Facebook is similar to TV advertising in many ways, but has has a unique targeting to reach specific audiences with frequency in a short period of time. Proposes the idea that coordinating TV and Facebook advertising efforts is the best way to maximize brand engagement and customer advocacy. 

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HOW TO: Land a Job at Facebook

This resource shows you the process of getting interviewed with Facebook and social media listings to land a job with them. Many people are interested and this is a great tool to show you how the process is and details on things.

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Facebook Controversy

With social media at an all time high it also brings trouble for some.

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3 Facebook Mobile Trends to Watch This Year

2011 is the "year of mobile"! Check out this article and see what Facebook is planning!

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