Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Sometimes it's good to be reminded on things to avoid when it comes to Facebook marketing.

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Submitted by: Garrett J. McGuire

Optimizing Facebook for Mobile Users

Facebook is releasing a new and improved web site which will optimize mobile viewing for any phone browser.

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Submitted by: Julie Robson

Tips for Facebook and Twitter

Check this out for tips for using your social media networks Facebook & Twitter. 

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Submitted by: Student

LinkedIn Claims 100M Members

The milestone comes as LinkedIn Corp. gears up for a much-anticipated initial public offering that is expected to open the floodgates for other social networking sites.

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Submitted by: Kelsey Cocke

History and New Media

Learn the history of new media!

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Submitted by: Student

HOW TO: Land a Job at Facebook

Here are some tips on how to land a job with Facebook out of 250,000 job applicants.

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Shrek Meets Farmville

Dreamworks'animation executive has been appointed to Zynga's board of directors, an interesting collaboration between movies and social games.

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Submitted by: Rebecca Crisan

3 Facebook Mobile Trends to Watch This Year

This article from talks about how Facebook's focus will be on mobile for 2011. Three Facebook mobile trends to watch this year include: Mobile Friendcasting, Deals, and Phoneless Checkins. 

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Submitted by: LizAustin

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook

A New Jersey teacher was suspended for allegedly calling her first-grade class "future criminals" on Facebook.

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Submitted by: Student

Fragrance release via Facebook

Oscar de la Renta releases new fragrance via Facebook. The social media tool gives the brand a number of opportunities to promote their new product this way.

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