Facebook and Groupons

Facebook is going to begin testing Groupons in various places.

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Use Facebook Professionally

Twelve ways to use facebook professionally. It's not just for college students anymore. 

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50 Interesting Facebook Facts

Can you imagine that Americans spend 13.9 billion minutes a year on Facebook? Futhermore, 54. 7% of age between 13 to 17 in the United States has Facebook account.  These are all the interesting facts about Facebook. Go and check it now!

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Pope John Paul II to Join Facebook

The late Pope John Paul II will get a Facebook page this week in advance of his May 1 beatification and as part of an overhaul of the Catholic Church's online presence.

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SocialEyes Brings Video Chat to Facebook

Video-chat application SocialEyes allows users to conduct video chats on Facebook.

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100 Social Media Innovations

An entertaining flip-through gallery of the creative innovations that have come out of social media.

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Facebooking for Businesses

Its true, businesses now have the ability to communicate with over 53 million users on Facebook, especially on a personal level. People seem to turn toward facebook and less formal web sites for information because they feel its written exactly for the consumer. Now businesses can reach a variety of markets with the largest social network.

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6 No-No's as a Brand on Facebook

Like the title says, this article is about 6 major things to avoid on Facebook when you're trying to maintain a Brand. Remember, a brand can be anything and we're currently in the process of 'branding' ourselves for the job scene.

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Avoid Making These Mistakes

Here are some social media campaigns that failed. If not implemented correctly, any attempt at getting your brand out there will be useless. Do not make these same mistakes !!



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