The New Source for News?

Some news sites across the U.S. are ditching their old websites and putting their news stories exclusively on their Facebook page.

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Marketing to Consumers on Facebook

Some tips to running a successful marketing campaign on Facebook in ways that deliver results in the most cost and time effective ways.

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Content on your Facebook

This article is an interesting one all about making your facebook content "top news" because of what you are posting. 

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Facebook's Impact on Social Journalism

Washington DC's community news, The Rockville Central, is moving all its content to Facebook.

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Teaching the Facebook Generation

Teachers debate on whether to keep a Facebook to connect with students. 

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The Amazing Reach of Facebook

Check out this video to see Facebook's reach.

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Submitted by: Katie Heck

What kind of social media user are you?

This is a nice little infographic that defines different types of social media users. I think it's good for people to know what kind of user they are, and it also helped me recognize some things I do on social media sites that are counterproductive, such as sometimes being the complainer. 

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How Facebook Utilizes Viral Marketing

Read on to find out how Facebook is the king of viral marketing

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5 Creative Uses Of The Facebook Like

A great way to use the popular Facebook Like to promote a horror festival! It inspired us to post about more creative uses of Facebook likes…

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3 Facebook Commerce Success Stories

This article talks about how commerce on facebook hasn't really been established, yet there are businesses that have had commerce success on facebook. Third party transactions aren't really allowed on facebook yet, as software doesn't allow. Although you can't necessarily do business on facebook, it's still recommended to set up storefront on your facebook page, as it allows consumers to view your products, and hopefully drive them to your page. They also give examples of three companies who have had commerce success on facebook (as the title indicates). 

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