Tracking traffic for your Facebook Pages

4 ways to monitor your facebook traffic

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Facebook's New Pages: A Hands-On Tour

An article explaining about changes in Facebook pages

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Facebook Tops Social Media Brand Loyalty

This article states that of all social media networks, facebook is the one that has the most brand loyal consumers. This was determined after asking people ages 18-65 open ended questions. Other social media networks that were measured include flickr, twitter, myspace, linkedin, etc. 

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Facebook's next big media move: Comments

Facebook is about to launch a third party commenting system so you use your facebook account more extensively to connect your comments on online posts or blogs!

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How Much Does A Facebook Fan Cost?

Insight into marketing on Facebook, and why the increasing demand for Fan Pages on the popular social media website. 

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Facebook Bing SEO

An interesting piece on how the collaboration of bing and facebook could change SEO.

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SEO with Facebook

Even facebook is becoming an essential search engine.  Some big tips on optimizing your facebook page views.

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SEO with Facebook

We all our Facebook obsessed now a days so here are 10 key SEO strategies every Facebook page owner should know!

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