New Media News Business Models

This slideshare presentation is almost done using the Zen approach and talks about how to approach new media in the modern world and the differences in new vs. old technology 

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Submitted by: Alexs Hermans

PR getting the social media budget

See how PR works on the Social Media Budget

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Bad Reviews Of The New iPad

See what some people think about the new iPad and where they feel Apple went wrong.

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Submitted by: Amy Muskovitz

Importance of Social Media in SEO

Reasons to get your company involved in various social media channels.

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Submitted by: Kristin Jeong

Social Media Marketing Tips

Provided are some resources and examples of successful social media marketing campaigns. Very helpful and informative.

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The New Information Age

Insight and information about today's information, government and social community being "online"

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Submitted by: Shelby Wallach

Steve Jobs Presentation

This is an article on how to deliver a great presentation just like Steve Jobs can do! 

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Submitted by: Maeve MacDonald

Great Presentation

Here is an article on presentations and how to make it great! 

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