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Using Slideshare And 5 Great Social Media Presentations


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Submitted by: Nahed Jaber

Social Media in Health Care

Read about social media in the health care business and see how it affects it

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Submitted by: Lauren Victory

The Three Primary Goals of Social Media

Building the brand, driving conversions and increasing your presence are explained in greater detail.

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Submitted by: Scott Schofding

Home Depot Tries Crowdsoruing on FB

Home Depot just launched a campaign on Facebook allowing users to decide where the company should spend its grant dollars and volunteer hours.

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Submitted by: Jillian

Social Media can harm kids

Social media sites can be good for children's socialization, but in some cases it can cause depression, cyberbullying, and exposure to inappropriate content. 

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Submitted by: Katie Knowlton

Volvo's Social Media Fail

Volvo tells fans to take down a webpage praising the Volvo brand because it goes against their policy.

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Submitted by: Student

New Media Strategies

official blog for New Media strategies! explore the web site and learn something new!

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Submitted by: Student

New Media Drives PR Growth

An article about the relationship between New Media and PR

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Submitted by: Student

What is New Media

so, after all, what really is new media? how do we define it?
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Submitted by: Student

Netflix Moves Into Production Business

Read about the shocking move that Netflix made in the TV production business.

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Submitted by: Amy Muskovitz
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