The Power and Importance of New Media

The article describes the power and importance of New Media that we have been taught so far.

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7 Tips to Live Tweet an Event Effectively

The article describes the seven tips to live tweet an event.

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Marketing Tips for Updated Facebook

Here is a video with some marketing tips while using the new, updated Facebook pages.

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Social Infuence on Business

Here is an article that focuses on the effect of social media on industries.

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Groupon to Start Groupon Now in April

Groupon will feature time-sensitive deals at restaurants and other locations that users will be able to search and purchase.

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Top 5 Must-Read Social Media Books

5 books that can help you learn more about social media.

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AdWord Tricks!

Here are a few AdWord Tricks@

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Traditional vs. New Trend for Ads

This article shows that people put more attention on the video marketing than traditional media such as TV, radio, etc. The research shows exactly what we've learned in the class so far. 

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On Social Media, VA is Getting It Right

The Department of Veteran Affairs was accused for not using social media properly, a new media professional disagrees.

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Shield Law Will Protect New Media Sources

New media outlets will be able to have the same protection as mainstream media.

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