Studying PPC ads

Studying Advertising consistency with PPC ads

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Get the most out of your PPC Campaign

Tips on how to manage and gain the most success from PPC campaigns. 

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Getting ahead with PPC

This article focuses on how to utilize your PPC campaign and how to stay afloat with all of the competition.

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Pay Per Click Geeks

The site is all about new media and paying per click campaigns. Users can register with the site to gain full access to all of its resources 

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5 Paid Search Marketing Myths Explained

This article explains myths such as "don't bid on branded terms," and "negative keywords are only important if you use a broad search."

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How to measure Branding PPC campaign

When branding and PPC arrive at the same platform, it's criticl to precisely measure the effectiveness. 
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Online Marketing: The New Word of Mouth

This article says about the online marketing's importance and emphasizes some techniques what we have learned for the online marketing such as SEO and PPC.


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PPC for a Day or For a Lifetime?

It takes you through a "theoretical progression of how solid PPC search campaigns are started, developed and used to build a foundation for the long-term growth of your brand and website"

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Pay Per Click Management & PPC Services

These reports will show the return on investment (ROI) on the PPC campaign and show how the campaigns help to drive traffic to the site or custom landing page.

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Top 10 PPC Tips

Some PPC tips on improving an advertising campaign.

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