List of top Pay Per click site

A list of the top pay per click sites that give comapnies the bes bang for their buck.

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Pay Per Click 101

This video gives you a brief description on what is PPC (Pay Per Click). Tell you where you should advertise, for less trafficking. 

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Official Google AdWords Page

This is the official Google AdWords Page. It explains how it works and also gives examples of good key words and the estimated cost. I have used this page in my other advertising classes to help plan out mock campaigns.

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Submitted by: Nicole Brooks

The 3 Laws of PPC Success

Three laws to abide by for any PPC campaign.

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Submitted by: Derek Mehraban

Pay Per Click 101

This is a video resource that explains pay per click advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Check it out to help master your SEM PPC ad campaigns!

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