Britney Spears Joins Tumblr

This talks about how Britney Spears has joined tumblr as a means to be her own publicist. This is presumed to be done to help promote her latest album "Femme Fetale." the article goes on to discuss more celebs who have used tumblr. 

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New York Times Pay wall

Check out this article to find out if the newly instated the New York Times Pay wall has had an effect on its traffic and/or revenue?

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Pamper's "Pay It Forward" Campaign

For its 50th Anniversary, Pampers Diapers have created an amazing campaign all about life's little "miracles"

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Future leaders need more than digital PR

Thanks to NMDL course, we now have general knowledge about social & digital media. However, the article sounds like we need to develop much more talents and abilities to possess own business.

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Six Presentation Tips From Steve Jobs

We all need to learn about presentation zen for our final project. Here are six tips to help get us started!

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David Sokol's Lost Lessons in Integrity

Interesting story about integrity, and practicing what you preach. 

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Miracle Whip Sucks Ad

Best Week Ever.  We've all seen the commercials, Miracle Whip is now embrasing it's flaws in advertising that a lot of people hate it.

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New Rules for PR

This article discusses how PR has changed in the past few years. 

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