“If there is one class you should add to your schedule, it should be the New Media Driver’s License course. This is one of those important classes you should have gotten into years ago.”

- Kelly Viviano

“Derek Mehraban, the instructor, is WITH IT.”

“…this class is not only incredibly fun, but it’s very valuable to you and your future. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your classmates, build your portfolio, network with professionals, and finally…keep it real!
“Enrolling in the New Media Drivers License course isn’t required for your degree, but if it were up to me… it would be.”

- Matthew Bender

“I couldn’t tell you the first thing about Google AdWords, building a profile on LinkedIn or using search engine optimization to drive more people to your website….UNTIL NOW!”

“Don’t wait another day….enroll now. I sure am glad I did and I know that it will payoff in the longrun.”

- Stacy Danna

“So far, everything I have learned I have already put into practice in not only my professional life, but in my personal life as well.”

“I cannot say enough how much I have enjoyed this class, the topics are current and relevant and the sense of community between instructors and students is unparalleled. I urge you all to check this class out.”

“The digital world is moving at the speed of light, and you need to stay on top of it. MSU’s New Media Drivers License course helps you keep up by creating an online community for students and challenging them with practical and engaging content.”

- Matt Doyle

“This is one of those classes that you tell your friends that you’re taking and they can’t believe you’re actually getting credit for it. The only difference being you’re actually going to use every single thing you learn from Day 1 in class to your last day on the job…and love every minute of it”

- Paul Kanan

“This is an opportunity that should not be passed up by those entering today’s business world…Take your future into your own hands and get your driver’s license”

“You didn’t get behind the wheel of a car for the first time with your eyes closed–so don’t step into your first job without knowing the way to use new media tools to their fullest potential.”

- Kristina Hall