The 5K, 10K, and Marathon of Blogging

So you've all had a few months to start your blog, write some posts and identify your goals for blogging. Hopefully, you've seen some results already. If not, hang in there. I've been blogging since 1996 (with large gaps in-between.) Now that I'm approaching twenty years of blogging (yikes) the biggest lesson I can pass on is related to pace and motivation.

Inbound Marketing - Learning more?

Class, as we discussed in opening day, Inbound Marketing is something that I think you can learn more about. Inbound Marketing is a way to create wonderful content that your audience really wants, and offer it to them in exchange for some marketing data. This allows you to see what motivates action, allows you to be a trusted advisor and expert to your prospects, and in the long run will help you get sales.

Small gestures make big waves on social media

One of my favorite things about social media is how it can amplify small gestures into big stories.

What do I mean by this? 

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What's Your Take on Wearable Technology

These days mobile is the hot topic in marketing hot topic, but like all trends it won't be the biggest growth area forever. There is a lot of speculation about "the next big thing," and the front runner is wearable technology. It makes sense, as wearable technology is very simmilar to mobile... only smaller and more specialized. The popularity of mobile devices can largely be attributed to the increased connectivity and utility they provide. Wearable technology can provide even more connectivity and utility.

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The Twitter IPO

Yesterday, Twitter -- the now ubiquitous social network -- filed its IPO to become a publicly-traded company.