Small gestures make big waves on social media

One of my favorite things about social media is how it can amplify small gestures into big stories.

What do I mean by this? 

What's Your Take on Wearable Technology

These days mobile is the hot topic in marketing hot topic, but like all trends it won't be the biggest growth area forever. There is a lot of speculation about "the next big thing," and the front runner is wearable technology. It makes sense, as wearable technology is very simmilar to mobile... only smaller and more specialized. The popularity of mobile devices can largely be attributed to the increased connectivity and utility they provide. Wearable technology can provide even more connectivity and utility.

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The Twitter IPO

Yesterday, Twitter -- the now ubiquitous social network -- filed its IPO to become a publicly-traded company. 

What the heck is Hummingbird... and why does it matter to SEO?

Have you heard of Hummingbird?

I don't mean the "small nectar-feeding tropical bird", but the newest update to Google's Search Algorithm.

You haven't?  

Well, people that do SEO for a living sure have - and some are chirping up a storm about that it means.

Best Blog?

As you build your own blog and become a blogger it's important to look for inspiration. I am a big believer that its very OK to imitate before you innovate. And in order to do that you need some great blogs to ready and understand how they succeed.