Graduation Day

So this is the last blog post for the Spring 2014 #NMDL class. I call it Graduation Day, because I'm wondering if any of you have decided to go into a career in digital when you graduate. Shoot, these days you don't have much of a choice, it's all turning to digital.

So when you graduate, what do you plan to do? Where do you want to work (city/state)? And what type of agency or client side?

As I told you when I graduated I wanted to be a copywriter and do television commercials at a top agency. Oh, does anyone plan to go to Portfolio School?

New update from Twitter

One of the challenges of teaching a class like this -- or working in digital marketing -- is keeping up with the latest changes in our industry. Nearly every day, some major announcement comes out that is important to stay up on. Our clients expect it!

Thank You Tim Berners Lee... and Al Gore?

Some of you maybe familiar with the ultra-successful social network Reddit. If you are, you're probably aware of their "IAmA" series, where famous and (not-so famous) people introduce themselves and answer questions from other Reddit users.

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Buzzfeed, Upworthy? Falling down the social media rabbit hole....

You see them. You click on them. You are hooked on Buzzfeed, Upworthy, Huffpost and more. But why? Are these sensationalist stories really worth reading? How far do you follow the clicks down the rabbit hole to more content?

These sites are posting original content, but is it worth your time? If you follow the money trail it's there and Buzzfeed for one is a large partner with Facebook. 

11 Ways to Monitor Your Brand (Or Yourself)

What is monitoring?

Monitoring in this context is the practice of manually or automatically finding out what’s being said about your brand (or yourself) on social networks. The techniques I will share are mainly for automating the process because monitoring manually is time-consuming and inefficient.