Ask Us Anything

We're reaching the end of the semester and you've been exposed to lots of new media marketing strategizes and techniques. While the curriculum covers a vast amount of information in reality we've only scratched the surface. Any given lesson could be an entire course. Additionally, there's lots of topics we didn't cover at all.

We often do a Q&A as part of the last class. Here is your opportunity to ask us questions about anything. It could be related to a lesson we covered, a lesson we didn't cover, work, getting a job or life in general.

What's next for you?

As we enter the final week of class and move to the finish, I have to wonder what's next for you? Many of you got a good dose of Digital Marketing this semester with our ADV 420 course. Many of you seem like natural digital marketers.

So what will you do next? How will you take what you learned to make the world a better place? 

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Getting Political

Yesterday we saw record turn-out for the mid-term elections. Living in an increasingly connected digital world it's hard to ignore the influence that social media has on not only voting but political views in general.

What was your experience on social leading up to the vote? What type of messages were you being exposed to and by whom? Were you influenced by what you saw? Did you do research to confirm it's truth?

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Attract - Engage - Delight

Have you been enjoying reading about Inbound Marketing? The concept of Attract, Enagage, Delight. It's a simple marketing formula. One that you need to master.

Read up on the concept here:

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Links Make the Web Go Around

Website links probably feel so mundane you hardly think about them. Over time technology can become so ingrained in our daily life we rarely stop to think about its impact. Consider the modern combustion engine in cars. Most days I don't even acknowledge it's existence as I drive from my home to the office. When I stop to think about it, I'm reminded of just how incredible it is. Here we have a machine that creates tens of thousands of controlled explosions every minute allowing us to travel at incredible speeds. Soon, these machines will all be driving themselves.