Five Tips to Delight Your Customers

Delighting customers is integral to the inbound methodology but is often over-looked. Customers can become free promoters and brand ambassadors when they are treated right. Here are 6 tips for truly delighting your customers:

  1. Personalize it: Give customers an opportunity to share information about themselves, maybe by filling out a form, and then use that information to enhance their experience! When you send out emails be sure to use the information you have to make them as personal as possible.

The Future of Media

The way in which people consume media is changing. In many ways, it's becoming more democratic. Fifteen years ago the only way you could get in front of peoples screens was if a major broadcasting company deemed you worth. Today, anyone with a smart phone can record and upload content to YouTube. Many stars have been discovered based on YouTube videos alone (for better or worse, Justin Bieber.) This shift has occurred on both sides of the spectrum. Television is no longer the only way to consume entertaining content. Soon, it will no longer be the most popular way.

Clickable ads coming to Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around today – but for advertisers, it's always presented sort of a problem. So far, Instagram ads have been very limited. Only a few select companies could use them. And, the ads that appeared were almost solely designed to gin up awareness around a brand or product – but not to allow direct clicks/sales. 

The Ramifications of an Instant Access World

No one can argue that technology has improved our lives in many unpredictable ways. It has changed the way we communicate, interact, work and shop. I find particular interest in the slow departure from typical work environments. Many companies are finding there is little to no need for an office at all. Remote work is not only easy, it allows you to hire from a much larger talent pool (i.e. hire from anywhere, not just driving within distance.)

Most popular brands on Twitter - why?

SocialTimes is a great social media news site run by AdWeek that’s worth following.

Last week, SocialTimes released its latest list of the 20 most popular brands on Twitter:

1. YouTube (@YouTube, 48,647,925 followers)

2. Instagram (@instagram, 37,367,736)

3. Twitter (@twitter, 35,040,450)

The Internet of Things

If you're paying attention to technology, you've probably noticed an increase in articles about "the internet of things." This quirky, relatively nondescript label describes the category of devices that connect to the internet. You may have one of these devices already, for example a thermostat or digital recorder that can be controlled remotely from a web interface.

How Will Security Effect Your Daily Life?

This morning I received an e-mail from BrowserStack, a service my agency uses to test websites across multiple devices. The contents of this email was troublesome. Late last night hackers had uncovered a security vulnerability, gaining access to everyones usernames and passwords. This is more damaging than you might think, as many users reuse their login and password information across many different sites.

Ello - The "Anti" Social Network?

Have social networking sites become so popular, so blasé, so... painfully normal that we actually need an "anti" social network? I think we can all agree, when your parents and grandparents are using the same technology you are, it's time to look for something better. Sure there is snapchat, but how many nudie pics can you send before it gets old?

Online reputation management basics

You are judged by what people read and find about you online, so why not make sure it’s how you want to be seen?

Here are six quick tips for anyone looking to preserve, rebuild or maintain his or her online reputation: 

What Do You Want to Know?

Most of you will have a dozen or more jobs in your lifetime. Some job changes will also mean a different career. Switching jobs is hard enough, career changes can require years of training and acclimating just to be at the same level you were previously. 

Formal education and training is an excellent way to prepare for a career, but like all things there are strengths and weaknesses. For example, in this class you've learned the theory of digital marketing but very little of what its like to work as a digital marketer. 

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