Cleaning Up Our Great Lakes

Social Media: Exposing Users by a Click of a Button

 In today’s society, job interviews, advertisements, and even dating have a whole new meaning. Instead of a firm handshake to a potential employer, an announcement in the paper, or a simple sit down dinner, social media has allowed every single one of these traditional tactics to be disregarded by just a click of a button. The Internet has allowed civilization to expose each other one by one by just typing in a name. Some believe this to be beneficial, while others may argue it’s a violation of privacy. That’s for you to decide.

New Media, When Does Integration Go Too Far?

If you are like many savvy individuals, a few major companies make up a large portion of your "connected" life. You search on Google, check email on GMail and call people on your Android based phone. Your "virtual" socializing happens on Facebook, you purchase music through iTunes and download moves through AppleTV. All because the latest business trend isn't settling for domination of a particular market, but expansion through as many markets as possible.

My Therapist and I Are Working on It...

Well, here we go again. Another Monday night, another 11:59 p.m. deadline panic. My friend Gary is so NOT going to be happy with me, Professor Johnson...

MSU Needs More Bike Lanes

I decided to create a Facebook page on the need for more bike lanes across the Michigan State campus. Being a bike commuter, I find it ever so frustrating when there is no room for me to cruise on the side walk to class and there is no bike lane as an alternative space, even more so I exasperated when the bike lane I am using comes to an end and I am just stranded in the middle of a road.


Movie Magic Will Lift Michigan

There have been many ups and downs when it comes to the Michigan Film Industry. Before Governor Rick Snyder’s cut on the film budget back in 2011, Michigan was proving why they were “the next film capital of the world” according to established actor/director Clint Eastwood.


Eight years ago when I moved, I received a great deal from my Internet service provider. Because of the move, was considered a new customer so I paid something like $14.95 a month.

MSU Hockey losing fans...only one solution

            Successful response plans for social media pages include many different factors including how to respond to positive feedback, negative feedback, questions from the media, how to pitch your site and how to use your site to reach out to reporters.

Digital PR Made Easy With Facebook

Facebook Like



With the joys of a Facebook Page comes the responsibility of monitoring, and responding to, comments. So, here I am with some suggestions on replying to the commenter.


MSU Seniors Deserve Their Own Parking Lot

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